Welcome to the cyber villa of a diverse “rock” band from the USofA. We call ourselves “Keep The Fear” and we have written 3 albums in the first 6 months of our existence.  “The Lost Cooper Tapes” ; “The Lost Phillip Jeffries Tapes” ; and “Seven Sundown Songs” – the first 2 currently available on our Bandcamp page. “Seven Sundown Songs” is a more more piano-ballady adventure with producer and mixing extraordinaire, Sir Russell Sinfield (Chaos Cookhouse). It is available on our bandcamp page. You can also find us on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal, and all of the other major music streaming sites.

Check out our album –  The Lost Cooper Tapes

Check out our 2nd album – The Lost Phillip Jeffries Tapes

Check out our 3rd album – Seven Sundown Songs

Check out our alternative 3rd album release – Ston3d Green
(an acoustic/stripped down version of our 3rd album SSS)

We’re halfway through our 4th album – The Lost D3 Tapes

Visit us on  Soundcloud