Keep The Fear

It began with a trip to Portland. West Coast Portland, not East Coast Portland, although I’m sure there’s plenty of stories from both places of interest. I’m not even really sure of the date in which these events occurred, but I am sure of some of the details. I am sure I made it to Portland with no delays in my travels. I am sure my friend Dale was there to greet me and lent me his voice activated tape recorder (actually a cell phone app) to record what I told him were some of my newer demos. I’ve known Dale Cooper for a long time, don’t know who it was that introduced us, perhaps Shelley. May have even been Big Ed.
Dale and I set out to find a good cup of coffee, reasonably priced. It was our coincidence of choice that brought us to an establishment called Good Coffee. It was here, I bumped into fellow sunglass and hat collector and multi-instrumentalist, Darren Danahy. (Herein referred to as DDD). We all sat down for some tea and coffee and talked music for about 3.25 hours. Dale & I were already planning to do some work on some tunes I had started to write, but I needed someone to help finish some of the writing and to play keys and some lead guitar, DDD was perfect and his influences were different from ours, so we asked him to join us back in CT at Sound Construction Studios when we began to work on the tunes.
The three of us hit it off pretty well and worked well together and then Coop brought in a friend of his to play bass, Phillip Jeffries. Basically an intellectual multi-instrumentalist who was really into the occult and supernatural stuff. Claims to have been abducted a few times by “them” and has a cool anomaly that I’ve only seen on dogs before, two different colored eyes. Good solid bass player though and the stories the guy has are incredible. He also mentioned that he vacationed sometimes in the same place as one Roger O’Witz, who some of you may know I work with in two other bands, Thee Ancient Aliens and Shadowface. Interesting choice by Cooper for a bass player and then he just happens to know one of my favorite musicians in the world. AND he even vacations in the same town with him. A small world indeed.
Our first ten songs were a success (to us) and we decided to pursue a band name and all the things that come with a modern era band, meaning a Soundcloud page and a Facebook page. We are currently as I type this in the middle of a second batch of ten songs. Not to mention others that trade hands via cyber mail and zipped boxes alike. All of us living, literally in separate corners of the country make it hard to meet up in person often, but we’ve figured out proper measures in which to get songs written and recorded without incident.
Welcome to the dark rock groove music of Keep The Fear. lots more coming soon, in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Keep The Fear


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