“Diane, this is DDD, this is the first song we as Keep The Fear came up with while playing an open mic residency at One Eyed Jack’s. This song came together after Coop spent the first hour talking about and trying to convert everyone in the bar to Tibetan thinking. Phillip was buying Coop shots all night, but funny, wasn’t drinking any himself. I crushed Stoney in a friendly game of darts. He said he had an off night and would come back next week to avenge his loss. I doubt it. I’m Gandalph, the white. Stone got a flat tire on the way here and will have to fix it after we’re done playing. Phillip was twitching when Stone told us about the flat tire and said, “I wasn’t near your car.” Not really sure what that was about. Diane, I said I’d bring back Coop’s recorder, but Stone told me to hold onto it to record the rest of the songs, so, I’ll bring it back to Coop after. Good day, Diane, good Day.”



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