“Diane, I’m completely shocked that Cooper has never heard of Where’s Waldo. I’m even more shocked that Phillip has been able to find a visual likeness of himself in every single Where’s Waldo image he shows me. Even more surprised that said visual likenesses even match his wardrobe. DDD was having the hardest time, but mainly because he was wearing a certain pair of sunglasses that block out the red in what he sees, so he couldn’t even see Waldo, we all knew and laughed about it, but didn’t let him know. He forgot he had those glasses on all night, which led to more fun. We wrote “Remorse” all over his face in dry erase markers we stole from the front Desk’s desk as a joke when he passed out from too many tequilas. This song is now the inside joke of that moment. More soon, Diane, these guys are fun and crazy, but all in a good way. Cheers. Stone. Out.”



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