“Diane, we’re on a roll, 4 songs in as many days. Today there was a cartoonists convention at the hotel and DDD & I spent all day talking to people who who using their best cartoon voices. We obviously counteracted the voices with lots of well placed smoke. We didn’t see Coop or Jeffries all day until we met at Coop’s room (315) to begin our nightly counter peace movement. We call it Keep The Fear. We got into the habit of lighting things on fire in front of the rooms of those who had called the front desk to complain about our noise levels. We haven’t gotten any complaints in two days now. This tune has that “feeling” to it. DDD brought the lead guitar thunder. Phillip had a few of the great rhythm ideas in the song. He brought his Hookah again. as well, DDD brought his cat, also named Hookah. Be back tomorrow Diane. Stone Catcherye. buh bye.”



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