“Diane, met the weirdest guy today at the Double R while having breakfast and coffee. It was DDD, and I and Coop. Phillip had gone back to the farm fix his depleted mushroom supply. DDD ordered some sort of breakfast energy smoothie, Coop had two eggs, sunny side up and white toast, no butter, and black coffee. I had the mickey mouse pancakes with blueberry syrup, one glass of OJ, one glass of pomegranate juice and a coffee, light and sweet. The man we met was a Dr. and I think his name was Jacoby. weird guy. DDD hit it off with him as they both collect sunglasses. He was saying how he kept locks of hair from all of the clients he’s ever had. So, afterwards, while we were jamming on the new song, we all had this running story and joke that Jacoby probably had a room hidden in his house with the hearts of all his old patients who had deceased. Phillip, who wasn’t there for the start of the joke and was now heavily influenced by psilocybin, wasn’t as amused, but still was able to play what we needed for the song. Hence the eerie feel. See you tomorrow, or talk to you tomorrow, Diane.”



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