“Hi Diane, it’s Stone Catcherye, still. We’re almost at the end of our stay here for the great Electronic Music Conference at The Great Northern Hotel. I must say, I’ve been rather impressed with the Hotel, the food is amazing. When I woke up today, DDD was sitting at the end of my bed with a keyboard, sunglasses and a hat made of tin foil. I looked to my left and Cooper & Jeffries were outside on the balcony staring in with an anticipation only known by kids on Christmas morning. I am then serenaded by DDD’s keys only for this song. Needless to say, we turned it all into song by the end of the night. DDD’s dance was priceless. Cooper nearly fell off the balcony in his fits of laughter. Jeffries was quiet, earlier in the morning he went on a hike to a nearby cow farm to find mushrooms. Diane, we have two more nights left here and I’m sure we’ll turn up two more songs. Catcherye signing Out.”



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