mer de noms

so, DDD is listening to some vinyl at his pad, looking for some inspiration for the next Keep The Fear song. I joke about our music collections possibly looking completely different from one another’s and he shoots me an image of him holding an album he thinks I might have in my collection.
A Perfect Circle – “13th Step”
well played. well played, my friend. one of my favorite rock bands, for sure. from there I ask DDD if he’s surely heard of their first album, Mer de Noms. no.
WHAT!?!?! no!?!?!?
I thought for a fraction of a second that I was in an alternate universe, but I wasn’t, he really hadn’t heard of that album. I sent him a link. I think he will eventually go buy the vinyl.
MJK you can thank me for that sale. or produce one of our songs. Have your people contact our people.
so, I was set to go work on some new material, as if I ever stop. and was chatting it up with DDD when he said to go and jam and he was going to go and try to work on some stuff. that’s when I saw the image of DDD with the APC album. now I’m listening to their first album and can’t leave.
I think DDD has figured out how to get more songs recorded than me. just remind me of great albums that I can’t help but listen to.
again. well played. Russ, take notice of this album as well, I’ll be quizzing you both in weeks to come.
this is Stone Catcherye, I’m now shutting off the album after 7 or so songs to go and “play”
may all your favorite albums capture you and take you to this magical place that I am in.
SXC – keep the fear

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