We, here at Keep The Fear, Inc. are currently and simultaneously writing two albums. Most bands have a hard enough time focusing on one in their first year together, nevermind 3. or 5. or 4. Keep The Fear basically just formed in the past 5 months and our first album, The Lost Cooper Tapes was finished in about a month. Our 2nd album, which is really a 2nd part to the first album, is halfway done. Then, our third album (not named yet) is 3/7 complete.
Well, do you ask why a plumber plumbs? Do you ask why Lemmings follow their family over the edge of cliffs? Do you ask why the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion table is so hard to understand?
Me too.
Our second album was in the works after the completion of the first, the second one is called The Lost Phillip Jeffries Tapes. DDD can never spell Phillip Jeffries right, but yet I am THE worst speller in emails and messenger. It equals out. While working on the second, I got a piano piece from D3 and we thought about doing a whole piano-ish album. Which is the third album. and we have two songs still to write for that one, and one is in the works. We’ve been brainstorming names.
If you have a name for our 3rd album, you’d like to enter, please leave it in the comments. If we use your suggestion, you will get proper credit and thank yous and a free cd. Here’s the rules, as much as that word makes me cringe. It must begin with “S”. that’s it.
Oh yeah, one of the most important parts is our Producer and Mixologist. Russel Sinfield. He’s already mixed one of the songs and has it up on his soundcloud page. He’s like a sound baker. He gets them in a pile, touches them with his fancy instruments, and they come out as warm fresh loaves. What great producer doesn’t love the warm bread analogy? No but seriously, Russ will be mixing, mastering and co-producing this with Keep The Fear. and at some point, we’re going to share a ridiculous amount of pints. Mine will be water, because I’m a lightweight, but I’ll try to keep up. I even drink water slow.
Names so far for the album to give you all a push to contribute…. (note, these were before we implemented the “it must starts with ‘S’ rule”) Pheromona Lisa Meow Jiggsaw Muzzle Crotchwalk
I’m sure for those of you who know us, you can probably figure out which name came from whom.
be kind and KEEP THE FEAR

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