good morning, for those of you in the same time zone as me, good afternoon and evening for those who aren’t. if you’ve been keeping up on the Keep The Fear bandwagon, you will know that we (1) have a new album in the works. actually we have two new albums in the works, but only one of them is being mixed and co-produced by the one and only (thank the stars) Russell Sinfield. (2) The album is called Seven Sundown Songs. it’s seven songs, duh, of mood as told by piano, keys, drums, bass, guitar and vocals. we have even narrowed the cover art down to the final choice, and was almost a unanimous decision by those we asked for opinions from. (3) the image above is a piece of our album art, but has been taken out of context. (4) we like to give things away for free, so, get ready for some contests and chances to win 2 things, a free copy of the new album, plus a copy of it’s sister album which is the whole album done in it’s entirety “acoustically” or stripped down to just piano and vocals with an occasional guitar thrown in.
other than that we’re always working on new music either together or apart and if you are at all intrigued by KTF, you might find some of our side shows or close friends’ side shows fun too: Keldari Station; Shadowface; The Trinity; Thee Ancient Aliens; Fish Herders; Rums & Bumbletons; Ping; The Field, The Stone & The Flower; jOjO’Stars Subatomic Soundclash; and I’m sure there’s a few more I’m forgetting.
I have no timeline as for when the new album(s) will be out, but if you tune in to our soundcloud or facebook page, you won’t miss a beat, no pun intended.
if you’ve made it this far, you deserve a treat. here’s a clip of one of the songs from the new album –…
May all of your days be filled with sunshine and laughter,
Keep The Fear.

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