It’s late here, or early, however you decide to look at your glass. We here at Keep The Fear are very excited to be almost done with our newest album yet to be completed!!! “Seven Sundown Songs” – we call it rock n roll but who knows if we’re even right.
The album is being mixed and mastered at the Chaos Cookhouse by the one and only, Russell “BK” Sinfield. He’s making it sound nice.
We’ve had a few special guests grace us with their presence on the album as well, an illusive genius who goes by the moniker “bitzone” showed up for some drums on a track called Sunshine. Alex Sinfield showed us how to play Sax on Cimmerian and his father and mixologist / curry engineer, Russ played lead guitar on three tracks, if I remember correctly, Pseudonyms, Cimmerian and Should The Sadness Occur.
The album is a bit mellow compared to our first two, which you may have not heard yet, “The Lost Cooper Tapes” (…) and “The Lost Phillip Jeffries Tapes” (which is recorded but not yet available in the US, Europe, Africa, Australia, or Asia).
Another little bit is a “sister album” which is said to be all of these songs on Seven Sundown Songs, stripped down to a bare vocal and one instrument at a time sort of arrangement. A lot more raw than the full album.
I think the album will be out for mass consumption by the end of June. don’t quote me, as I often change my mind and what I say.
here’s the cover for the new album!!! you get to see it first here, exclusively!!! (hahahaha)

eating at the chaos cookhouse

If you want a copy of the cd, but don’t have any money, like most of us, we’re having contests and giveaways, so stay tuned and enter the contests, we like to give away last place prizes sometimes too.
Keep The Fear.

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