it’s late and I’m here listening to the newly completed album by none other than Keep The Fear, “The Lost Phillip Jeffries Tapes” (…) The 2nd part, if you will, to “The Lost Cooper Tapes” which was KTF’s debut album. (…) The highlight of the album is a song called Blue Rose Cases. mmmmmm. Though, I’m sure everyone will have his or her own “high” lights.
next up will be Seven Sundown Songs. (we’re plugging this one a lot because we promised to buy our co-producer and mastering engineer a leer jet). once we finish making all the payments for his jet, we’ll be able to get some groceries and maybe make our rents. if by some weird roulette wheel style chance of luck and we sell more copies than we were taught how to count, we’ll invite you all over for a BBQ, with Sinfield preparing his famous curry ribs, and offering free rides in his new leer. then we’ll show up at all the awards shows, if nominated, or not, and show them what a train wreck really is. we’ll make Tim from Rage Against The Machine proud. or at least I will, D3, bail me out.
More news soon…thanks for keeping the fear
support art

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