D3 & I, (stone catcherye) are in a race car, rounding the corner of a round track, approaching the finish line, which is really just me telling you that our new album, “Seven Sundown Songs” is days away from being finished. The Chaos Cookhouse did a FANtastic job mixing us into the curry of an album that we have.
We’ve got lots of things going on behind the scenes here and one of them is an “official” website, which has all you need, from blogs to videos, to news to recipes and arrest records. We are fans of link exchanging, so if you want us to put a link to you or your site on our page, all you need to do is the same for us. Drop us a line and let us know.
Soon we’ll be releasing some new songs. You may have heard a few of them which we released demos of, so don’t be surprised that it’s a bit more mellow than our first two rocking albums. ;P
music rules.

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