good evening fear keepers, I’m here to give you some news from the KTF camp. rumor has it that Keep The Fear will be in an upcoming blog at ( or ( or ( I have no idea what will be in said blog but I do know Xana’s blogs and stories are a great read. I also know that she supports LOTS of great artists and for that, I think she rocks.
You should all go like her page, sign up for her blog, emails, sign up on her youtube page. etc. Support those who support art.
All I know about the blog is that Xana sent us a band questionnaire and D3 & I were chosen to answer the questions. Great questions. Should be a good read. Let’s hope they don’t have compromising pictures of us.
Also in the works, while the new album is being completed, we had to take some band photos. I think we captured the moment. We’ll be posting them soon, we have to pay extra for a graphic designer to add spikes to hair and to remove crow’s eyes from the singer’s elbows. The drummer went full facemask. He’s anti photo. First person who picks out the band “nerd” in the photos gets a free copy of the new album.
AND as if all that weren’t enough, we have a video in the works as well… . . . . . . . . . . .
have a great weekend!!!

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