it’s late here, hot, muggy, the beer is gone and there’s bugs bigger than my hand hitting the window. I’ve chosen the photo above for this here blog because, well, These two were not on the new album, as they were all tied up in their main band while we were recording.
The two in question. Coop, hater of cameras and draws a likeness to the main character of a certain Sci-Fi series on showtime. Also, fellow camera hater, Phil J. or as we call him PJ. Bass player and trickster at heart. Notice Coop pretty much covered every inch of him during his “photo” op. PJ went all martyr and turned his back to the camera. They vowed to return for the next piano album.
As for D3 & I. We’ve been dotting our t’s and crossing our eyes. Listening to mixes, swearing at Russ, video conferencing, remixing, getting sworn at by Russ, remixing, nailing every song in 1 take, remixing. (see a pattern here?) No, but really, it’s done, and we’re happy with with it. We had fun and it helped us in ways we can’t really begin to explain.

“send me your best closeup” – Graphic Designer
We also have two other albums we did prior to this, but this one has more production and was definitely more delicate. The first two are here –… and if you try hard enough you can figure out a way to download these for free. ;P I’m a sucker for pirated music. Sorry D3, Coop & PJ. Although I bet PJ would side with me.
More giveaways are planned, so if you read this and want a free copy, try one of the many contests on our page, as we will be damn near shoving it down your throats up until it’s released next week. Then we’re taking it off the shelves and un-releasing it. Creating demand without a supply, a sort of vacuum of fear. I may have just gotten ahead of ourselves.
We’ll be back. Keep The Fear.

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