It’s late afternoon, possibly even early evening. Our album release is today!! Seven Sundown Songs. Our third album in about 4 months, though I’m sure we would’ve had another two or three written if we weren’t waiting for Ole Lightning Fingers to play “the perfect solo” . . . kidding. We love Lightning Fingers. Actually, what held us up the most is me asking for a remix. hahahaha. Sorry Russ.
All in all it all worked out in the end (Delphi Finn) and we completed the album and are still all on talking terms. We worked very well together and I think we all share a common sense of humor. What a great time it was making this with these two (4, sorry bitzone and Alex Sinfield!) lads.
So anyway, I missed the opening of our release party, in typical singer fashion. I was doing a bit of drinking last night, probably stayed up way too late and then was spoiled today when my daughter showed up to grill me some lunch and bake me cupcakes!! I laid around like a sailor lost in the Bermuda triangle. Well, one with a full plate and a cold beer.
I’m back to life now, thankfully D3 and Russ didn’t wait for me, because I got a late start and had unexpected but brilliant company. Happy Father’s Day to all you other Dads out there.
Now that the album’s out, we’ll be posting new things and trying to get more reviews. we have a few things in the works and will be keeping you updated as much and as often as we can. We’re working on buying Russ a private jet so that when he mixes our next album, he can fly over to discuss the mixes, rather than all of us being able to not connect with each other on Skype because of one man’s faulty equipment. No names.
thank you to everyone for your support and kindness and extra special thanks to any and everyone who has bought the album, we love you and will make Russ pick you up in his private jet for holidays.
catch you soon,
Keep The Fear, Inc.

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