Keep The &@#$&@$#$*?%# Fear.

It’s late afternoon, possibly even early evening. Our album release is today!! Seven Sundown Songs. Our third album in about 4 months, though I’m sure we would’ve had another two or three written if we weren’t waiting for Ole Lightning Fingers to play “the perfect solo” . . . kidding. We love Lightning Fingers. Actually, what held us up the most is me asking for a remix. hahahaha. Sorry Russ.
All in all it all worked out in the end (Delphi Finn) and we completed the album and are still all on talking terms. We worked very well together and I think we all share a common sense of humor. What a great time it was making this with these two (4, sorry bitzone and Alex Sinfield!) lads.
So anyway, I missed the opening of our release party, in typical singer fashion. I was doing a bit of drinking last night, probably stayed up way too late and then was spoiled today when my daughter showed up to grill me some lunch and bake me cupcakes!! I laid around like a sailor lost in the Bermuda triangle. Well, one with a full plate and a cold beer.
I’m back to life now, thankfully D3 and Russ didn’t wait for me, because I got a late start and had unexpected but brilliant company. Happy Father’s Day to all you other Dads out there.
Now that the album’s out, we’ll be posting new things and trying to get more reviews. we have a few things in the works and will be keeping you updated as much and as often as we can. We’re working on buying Russ a private jet so that when he mixes our next album, he can fly over to discuss the mixes, rather than all of us being able to not connect with each other on Skype because of one man’s faulty equipment. No names.
thank you to everyone for your support and kindness and extra special thanks to any and everyone who has bought the album, we love you and will make Russ pick you up in his private jet for holidays.
catch you soon,
Keep The Fear, Inc.

In a Land Without Space

I’m sifting through time right now, I lost some of it, due to every CT Vantage customer in CT being without broadband internet service from 11 am until 9 pm on Thursday, June 15. Eastern Standard Time. (see how I did that Qmone?) Yes apparently Vantage, aka Frontier Communications, has all of their eggs in one basket and I had two people, one being a manager, tell me that all of Connecticut was without broadband. (Or at least their customers). Holy Shit. Perhaps they need a Backup Plan. (I did it again, Qmone.)
So, KEEP THE FEAR’s new album comes out in about 2 days and we’ve already been debuted on 2 fucking awesome Radio shows!!
Anything Goes with Eddie Shook (…)
The Colorado Phil Show on Tri Lakes Radio (…)
and we’ve managed to get a good amount of views on our brand new viideo for our brand new song, Cimmerian. here (…)
D3’s been pulling all dayers. I’ve been dealing with faulty broadband, colors of paint you wouldn’t believe, and battles with mosquitoes the size of Elvis. (when he died). There’s only 2 songs from the album that haven’t been leaked to the public yet in one form or another, nope, scratch that, one song. Only one song has never been out in the public, not even to catch a cab.
Name that song, you win a free copy of the album.
Other than that we have a million things always going at once, so stay tuned, and join us on Sunday June 18, 2017, aka Father’s Day, aka My mom’s birthday!! Happy Birthday LSD!!!! yes, my mom’s initials are LSD.
Have a great night and may the sun shine on you tomorrow. . .
Keep The Fear!!

Rhythm & Blues (Elf & Wingspan)

it’s late here, hot, muggy, the beer is gone and there’s bugs bigger than my hand hitting the window. I’ve chosen the photo above for this here blog because, well, These two were not on the new album, as they were all tied up in their main band while we were recording.
The two in question. Coop, hater of cameras and draws a likeness to the main character of a certain Sci-Fi series on showtime. Also, fellow camera hater, Phil J. or as we call him PJ. Bass player and trickster at heart. Notice Coop pretty much covered every inch of him during his “photo” op. PJ went all martyr and turned his back to the camera. They vowed to return for the next piano album.
As for D3 & I. We’ve been dotting our t’s and crossing our eyes. Listening to mixes, swearing at Russ, video conferencing, remixing, getting sworn at by Russ, remixing, nailing every song in 1 take, remixing. (see a pattern here?) No, but really, it’s done, and we’re happy with with it. We had fun and it helped us in ways we can’t really begin to explain.

“send me your best closeup” – Graphic Designer
We also have two other albums we did prior to this, but this one has more production and was definitely more delicate. The first two are here –… and if you try hard enough you can figure out a way to download these for free. ;P I’m a sucker for pirated music. Sorry D3, Coop & PJ. Although I bet PJ would side with me.
More giveaways are planned, so if you read this and want a free copy, try one of the many contests on our page, as we will be damn near shoving it down your throats up until it’s released next week. Then we’re taking it off the shelves and un-releasing it. Creating demand without a supply, a sort of vacuum of fear. I may have just gotten ahead of ourselves.
We’ll be back. Keep The Fear.


good evening fear keepers, I’m here to give you some news from the KTF camp. rumor has it that Keep The Fear will be in an upcoming blog at ( or ( or ( I have no idea what will be in said blog but I do know Xana’s blogs and stories are a great read. I also know that she supports LOTS of great artists and for that, I think she rocks.
You should all go like her page, sign up for her blog, emails, sign up on her youtube page. etc. Support those who support art.
All I know about the blog is that Xana sent us a band questionnaire and D3 & I were chosen to answer the questions. Great questions. Should be a good read. Let’s hope they don’t have compromising pictures of us.
Also in the works, while the new album is being completed, we had to take some band photos. I think we captured the moment. We’ll be posting them soon, we have to pay extra for a graphic designer to add spikes to hair and to remove crow’s eyes from the singer’s elbows. The drummer went full facemask. He’s anti photo. First person who picks out the band “nerd” in the photos gets a free copy of the new album.
AND as if all that weren’t enough, we have a video in the works as well… . . . . . . . . . . .
have a great weekend!!!

Keep The Fearsite

D3 & I, (stone catcherye) are in a race car, rounding the corner of a round track, approaching the finish line, which is really just me telling you that our new album, “Seven Sundown Songs” is days away from being finished. The Chaos Cookhouse did a FANtastic job mixing us into the curry of an album that we have.
We’ve got lots of things going on behind the scenes here and one of them is an “official” website, which has all you need, from blogs to videos, to news to recipes and arrest records. We are fans of link exchanging, so if you want us to put a link to you or your site on our page, all you need to do is the same for us. Drop us a line and let us know.
Soon we’ll be releasing some new songs. You may have heard a few of them which we released demos of, so don’t be surprised that it’s a bit more mellow than our first two rocking albums. ;P
music rules.


Diane, this is the final work from our One Eyed Jack’s Open Mic Show residency and I can tell you that the four of us in the band have gotten remarkably close throughout the recording of these songs. This particular song comes from all of us being in a dark place for a couple of weeks. We sort of let Stoney go off on this with a rock n roll feel, he needed to blow off steam this evening. Each one of us was also simultaneously injured during the recording of this song. Don’t ask me how, Diane, but I think we’re all connected now that we’ve been writing music together. Phillip used to finish our sentences before we started hanging out so much, now he’s even showing up with meals or snacks we had been daydreaming about. I don’t know where we’ll go from here Diane. I do know we have one album in the works without Coop and Phill but after that we have discussed going camping under the redwoods and writing songs or renting a house on an island and recording. Who knows, Diane, as for now, the future is wide open. I do know that talking into this recorder is quite addictive after one’s been doing it for more than a few days. I will have it in the mail and on it’s way back to Coop in a handful of days. Look forward to having a face to face sometime in the future Diane!! Keep The Fear!!



written by Keep The Fear
DD Danahy (piano, organ) – @darren-d-danahy
D Cooper (drums)
S Catcherye (vocals & guitar) – @stonecatcherye
P Jeffries (bass)


I’ve been down that road before
twisted, broken, tattered, sore
she has locked her eyes on me
here comes her teeth

oh, inside, we spite
we get so down for
all that we care for
despite . . .

do you believe that pain is a thing
do you believe in sorrow
do you believe that pain is a thing
do you believe in sorrow

I’ve been hunted down before
it’s hard to run when on the floor
she has lost her mind on me
I’m set to bleed

Inside we spite
we get so down for
all that we care for
despite . . .

heal your heroes & savor moments
& smile back at me

heal your heroes
embrace a failure
learn to like to lose

do you believe that pain is a thing
do you believe in sorrow
do you believe that pain is a thing
do you believe in sorrow